After the international public offering completed  in November 2010 and placement of Mostotrest’s newly issued shares in December 2010 Mostotrest’s share capital consists of 282,215,500 ordinary shares with a nominal value 0.14 Rur each and distributed among its shareholders as follows:


Marc O’Polo Investments Ltd. is a company incorporated in Cyprus. It is beneficially owned by Arkady and Igor Rotenbergs and top-managers of N-Trans Group: Konstantin Nikolayev, Nikita Mishin and Andrei Filatov.

N Trans Group (earlier known under brand Severstaltrans) - is the largest private transportation company in Russia, CIS and the Baltic states. The Group structure includes over 20 companies, active in various sectors of freight industry. Key services provided by the companies are rail cargo transportation and container handling. 

NPF Blagosotoyaniye is a non-governmental pension fund established with the participation of Russian Railways.