Key financials

Financial indicators
Rub m201320142015201620171h2018
Revenue 116,714 150,531 143,155 175,198207,77586,453
Gross profit14,01020,5519,19626,75323,6049,815
Gross margin %12.0%13.7%13.4%15.3%11.4%11.4%
Profit for the year2,2596,0724,2325,0133,020624
Total Assets114,797154,353162,122146,145158,641177,876
Total Debt4,53840,52741,66328,80535,15873,340
IFRS  financial information
Rub m20132014
EBITDA margin, %8.1%10.2%9.3%10.3%7.2%8.0%
Net debt (b) -22,028  -21,233  -13,551  2,91515,75950,315
Net working capital (c)-32,065-39,505  -38,006  -22,712-18,91817,263


(a) EBITDA is defined as net profit from continuing operations net of income tax, net finance costs and depreciation.
(b) Net debt is defined as the loans and borrowings less cash and cash equivalents.
(c) Net working capital is defined as the difference between current operating assets (net of cash and equivalents, income tax receivable and other non-current assets) and current operating non-interest bearing liabilities (net of loans and borrowings, provisions, non-controlling interest and income tax liabilities).