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Approach road to Port of Ust-Luga open for traffic

Specialists from Mostotrest Group, including specialists who are a part of OJSC Mostotrest,Transstroymekhanisatsiya LLC and OJSC Mostostroy-11, have completed the reconstruction of the M-11 Narva Highway at the approach to the Ust-Luga commercial seaport (through Kerstovo, Kotli and Koskolovo) at the 16km – 40km section (approach road to Luzhitsy) in the Leningrad region and the transport interchange at the intersection of the new approach road and the M-11 Narva Highway. The objects were launched into operation two months ahead of the schedule due to the accelerated pace of construction and installation operations.

The construction project includes a four-lane, category II road 25.6km in length, bridges over Khabolovka River and Kyamishi River, five viaducts over railway tracks and four road overpasses. Three multilevel interchanges are also included in the project: at the intersection of M-11 Narva with the Petrodvorets-Keikino Highway, at the intersection with the road that connects Kotli and Kotelskiy residential areas, and at the intersection with the approach road to the multipurpose transloading complex of the Ust-Luga commercial port.

The new approach road provides for direct access to the M-11 Narva Federal Highway for cargo exiting the Ust-Luga commercial seaport and re-directs traffic to bypass Kotelskiy residential area, as well as Ryattel, Karavayevo and Mattiya villages. The opening of the transportation interchange at the intersection with M-11 Narva allows for motorists to pass over the railway tracks via the new viaducts, thereby eliminating long traffic jams before railway crossings.

Currently, Mostotrest continues the reconstruction of the M-11 Narva Highway 0km – 16km on the approach to the Ust-Luga commercial seaport. The operations are carried out in strict adherence to the construction schedule and will be completed on time.

M-11 Narva is a federal highway that runs from St. Petersburg to the Estonian border (Tallin). After reconstruction is completed, the average speed on the 0km – 16 km and 16km – 40km sections will be 100-120km/h.

The Ust-Luga commercial seaport is a modern multipurpose port that is located in the south-western part of the Leningrad Region, situated on the Luga River near its entry into the Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland. The port's deep waters, combined with a short approach channel, make the port of Ust-Luga the only port in the Baltic Sea capable of receiving cargo ships carrying loads of up to 100,000 tons and tanker ships carrying up to 150,000 tons.


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Transstroymekhanisatsiya (TSM) is a Mostotrest subsidiary specialized in construction and renovation of transport infrastructure, including automobile roads and airports. The company operates in the Central, Southern and Far Eastern Federal Districts of Russia. TSM is involved in construction of the Moscow-St Petersburg Highway and renovation of the M-11 “Narva” Highway. As a general contractor, TSM is currently carrying out renovation of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Saratov airports, as well as construction and renovation of the M-4 “Don”, M-5 “Ural”, M-9 “Baltic”, and M-10 “Russia” highways.

Mostotrest is a major, diversified infrastructure construction company, with established presence in all core and related market segments, and a participant in Russia’s first public-private partnership projects. According to EMBS Group, an independent industry consultancy, in 2013 Mostotrest held a 9.9% share of the total Russian infrastructure construction market.

Mostotrest’s core competences include construction and reconstruction of bridges, roads and other transport infrastructure facilities; provision of road maintenance, repair and operating services. In 2012, Mostotrest also entered a new segment: management of road concessions.

The company was established in 1930 as a developer of complex and oversized bridges.

Mostotrest is currently participating in implementation of a number of complex transport infrastructure development projects, such as construction of the head segment (km 15- km 58) and the Vyshny Volochok bypass segment of the M-11“Moscow-St Petersburg” Toll Highway, construction and reconstruction of the M-4 “Don” and M-9 “Baltia” Highways, reconstruction of Mozhaisky Avenue/Kutuzovsky Avenue between the Moscow Ring Road and the Garden Ring; construction of the Businovskaya interchange in Moscow, the Volga Bridge in Nizhny Novgorod and the Voroshilovsky Bridge in Rostov-on-Don.

Mostotrest Ownership Structure:

38.6%: Marc O’Polo Investments;

29.4%: AM companies for Blagosostoyanie Pension Fund;

32%: free float.

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