The sole executive body of the Company is the CEO, who is responsible for the day- to-day operation and management of the business. The CEO is elected by the Board of Directors. The CEO is accountable to the General Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors of the Company. The CEO acts on behalf of the Company without a power of attorney, representing its interests, entering into transactions and otherwise dealing with operational matters.

The CEO has 10 deputies, who are each responsible for a specific business function.

PJSC Mostotrest has experienced senior management team combining a wealth of industry experience and modern management practices.

Vladimir Vlasov, CEO, Member of the board of Directors

Mr. Vlasov holds an MBA degree from the Russian Academy of National Economy.

Mr. Vlasov has served as CEO since he joined the Company in September 2006. Prior to joining Mostotrest he held managerial positions in forwarding companies and seaports of Murmansk and Saint Petersburg, as well as in Severstaltrans. In 2000-2005 he served as CEO of Kolomna Plant Holding Company.

Oleg Tanana, CFO

Mr. Tanana graduated from the Belarusian State University of National Economy and holds a degree in economics and social planning.

Mr. Tanana has served as Deputy CEO for Economics and Finance since 2006. Prior to joining the Group, he was Director for Economics and Finance of Kolomna Plant Holding Company and of ZAO Balance-Oil.

Valery Dorgan, Deputy CEO for Marketing

Mr. Dorgan graduated from the Moscow State Automobile and Highway Institute and holds a degree in airfield construction. He also received a degree in construction management from the Ordzhonikidze Moscow Management Institute, and holds a PhD in economics.

Mr. Dorgan has served as Deputy CEO for Marketing since 2010. Mr. Dorgan has over 35 years of experience in the transport infrastructure construction sector. Prior to joining the Group, he held various managerial positions at federal state enterprises responsible for highway infrastructure development in central Russia.

Victor Korotin, Chief Engineer, First Deputy CEO

Mr. Korotin graduated from the Novosibirsk Institute of Railway transport for Railway Transport Engineers and holds a PhD in technology.

Mr. Korotin joined Mostotrest in 1970 and has held various managerial positions. He has served as Mostotrest’s Chief Engineer since 1990. He is the Group’s most senior technical officer and has more than 40 years of experience in the Russian engineering and construction industry.

Andrey Struk, Deputy CEO for Production

Mr. Struk holds a degree in Technical Sciences (Bridge and Tunnel Construction) from Moscow Automobile and Highway University.

Mr. Struk joined Mostotrest in 1996 and has held various management positions, including Deputy CEO for Production, Head of Construction, Deputy CEO for Sochi Region, Head of Design and Engineering at Mostotryad-18, a Mostotrest division.

Leonid Dobrovsky, Deputy CEO of Mostotrest

Mr. Dobrovsky is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Mr. Dobrovsky joined Mostotrest as Deputy General Director in 2006. Prior to his appointment at Mostotrest Mr. Dobrovsky spent one year as a General Director of LLC Mostal, five years as Director General of LLC Montazhtranstroy – MTK and eight years as a representative of the Meiwert Glass Engineering (Belgium) Company in Russia. In the past, Mr. Dobrovsky has also served as a director of the Company.

Oksana Medvedeva, Deputy CEO for Commerce

Ms. Medvedeva is a graduate of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of the National Economy.

Ms. Medvedeva joined Mostotrest as Deputy General Director for Commerce in 2006. Prior to joining Mostotrest Ms. Medvedeva was Chief Executive of LLC Magistralnaya Kompaniya and spent five years at OJSC Kolomensky Zavod as Deputy Director General for Commerce.

Andrey Lapshov, Deputy CEO for Economic Security

Mr. Lapshov is a graduate from the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs Higher Law School.

Mr. Lapshov joined Mostotrest in 2012. Before becoming a Deputy General Director in 2013 he was an Adviser to General Director. Prior to his appointment at Mostotrest Mr. Lapshov served in the Russian Federation internal affairs agencies from 1986 to 2012.

Gennadiy Bogatyrev, Deputy CEO for Legal Issues

Mr. Bogatyrev is a graduate of the Moscow State Academy of Law.

Mr. Bogatyrev joined Mostotrest as Deputy General Director for Legal Issues in 2006. Prior to joining Mostotrest Mr. Bogatyrev spent four years as the Deputy Chief of the Territorial Authority in Moscow, part of the Federal Agency for Property Management.

Evgeniy Birukov, Deputy CEO

Mr Biryukov graduated from Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University (MADI).

Evgeniy Biryukov has been Deputy General Director of PJSC Mostotrest since 2005. He has been with Mostotrest since 1992. During these years he was deputy director of Mostootryad-114, chief engineer, Head of Production and Technology department of Mostootryad-125.

Vladimir Monastyrev, Deputy CEO for Development

Mr. Monastyrev graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Transport and holds a PhD in economics.

Mr. Monastyrev joined Mostotrest in 2000. Before becoming the Deputy CEO he was a Head of Planning and Economic Department. Since December 2018: CEO of Transstroymekhnisatsiya, a Mostotrest subsidiary.

Marina Bantsevich, Chief Accountant

Ms. Bantsevich is a graduate of the Saint Petersburg University of Economics and Finance.

Ms. Bantsevich joined Mostotrest in 2000. Since then Ms. Bantsevich has held a number of roles within the Company including three years as Chief Accountant of CJSC Mostotriad-86 and two years as Deputy Chief Accountant of Mostotrest.