The Audit Committee

The audit committee of the Board of Directors has been set up by decision of the Board of Directors in order to help exercise control over the Company’s business operations.

The audit committee’s function is to assist the Board of Directors in monitoring the completeness and accuracy of the Company’s financial and other reporting, their preparation and submission, together with the functioning of the corporate compliance system, corporate audit, risk management, compliance with the legislation, the Company’s Articles of Association and internal regulations.

The audit committee reports to the Board of Directors.

The audit committee is governed by the effective legislation of the Russian Federation, the Company’s Articles of Association, Regulations on Convening and Holding Board of Directors Meetings, resolutions of the General Meetings of Shareholders and the Board of Directors of the Company, the audit committee Regulations and other Company’s corporate documents.

The audit committee has the following functions:

  • to assess candidates for the Company’s auditor
  • to assess the opinions of the Company’s auditor
  • to assess the efficiency of the Company’s corporate compliance and auditing system and to prepare proposals for the Board of Directors on how to improve them

The audit committee is to meet regularly, at least once a quarter. 

Audit committee members:

Maria Zhurba, Committee Chair

Board member since 2019.

Born in 1979 in Dubna. Degree in Economics from St. Petersburg Economics and Finance State University (2001). MBA (Financial Management) from the Higher School of Commerce of Ministry for Economic Development and Trade of Russian Federation (2006). Masters degree (Strategic Management) from the Russian Peoples’ Friendship University (2007).

Professional experience:
2018 – present: GDV Management, Head of Transport Construction and Infra- structure Department.

Maria Karelina

Board member since 2016.

Born in 1966. Degrees in Automobiles & Tractors from the Moscow Auto-Mechanical Institute (1988) and in Jurisprudence from the Moscow Federal Border Service Military Academy (2000). Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Education.

Professional experience:
1991 – present: Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI).
Until 2012: lecturer at the Machine Parts and Mechanisms Theory Department;
2012 – present: Head of the Machine Parts and Mechanisms Theory Department;
2015: Vice Rector for Academic and Educational work.

Valentin Siljanov

Board member since 2016.

Born in 1937. Degree in Railway Engineering from the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction Institute (MADI) (1960). Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Professional experience:
2007 – present: Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI), Advisor to the Rector.